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We reached out to the community to understand how residents, commuters, and students use SR 436. Our “Get to Know You” survey received more than 400 submissions over three months.

More than 60 percent of respondents live, work, or study along SR 436. Others were still likely to travel on SR 436 on a regular basis, as seen in the figure below.

Relationship to SR 436 and Frequency of Travel

The survey also asked which mode—or modes—of travel respondents use on SR 436. About 90 percent of the 400+ respondents reported that they drive alone on SR 436. About 16 percent have carpooled, and roughly 10 percent have walked, biked, or taken transit on SR 436. (Because respondents were allowed to choose multiple modes, the percentages do not add up to 100%.)

Modes of Travel

Survey respondents that did not take the bus were asked why. The most common response was that they already had a car, followed by slow speeds and the need to transfer.

Reasons for not Taking Transit

Finally, survey respondents shared what they liked and they do not like about SR 436. Here are some of the most popular responses:


  • “Lots of businesses, stores and restaurants
  • “Straight path to the airport
  • Traffic flows pretty well”


  • “Too much traffic and too many signals out of sync
  • “Pedestrians crossing at midblock
  • “Lack of pedestrian and bike accommodations”

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey or helped distribute it. The study team has learned tons from those who know the corridor best. These insights will be valuable as the study moves into the next stages.